Frequently Asked Questions

​1. How do I pay for Long Term Care?  Long Term Care is very expensive no matter where you go.  There are several options for payment. 

Private Pay- Some individuals will pay privately for long term or skilled nursing care.  Walnut Acres is a non-profit facility that keeps prices low in order to better serve the needs of the community.  Our daily rates range from $195-$215, depending on level of care.  This is far below the local and national averages.

Insurance Supplements-​ Some individuals have Medicare Supplements (Medigap), Medicare Advantage, Employer Plans, Life Insurance, or Private Long Term Care Insurance that can assist with the costs of Long Term Care. Please check your benefit package to determine eligibility.

Medicaid- Low income individuals may qualify for Medicaid coverage. We will assist you in filling out a Medicaid application. We have a list of documents needed to apply for Medicaid.  

Medicare Part A- If you were admitted to the hospital for 3 days or more and need skilled nursing care, Medicare will pay for up to 100 days of skilled nursing facility stay.  We offer all skilled nursing services at Walnut Acres.

State Respite/Private Respite Grants- The State of Illinois has a Caregiver Respite Grant that individuals caring for older adults can use to get needed rest from caregiving. This grant will pay for up to $1000 for respite. At Walnut Acres, this can grant up to 6 days of free respite care. 

2. I have to put my spouse in long term care, but I will still be living in the community. How can I apply for Medicaid without spending down all of our money? The State of Illinois has a program called Prevention of Spousal Impoverishment. ​​This program ensures that spouses still living in the community will retain a large portion of their assets until they pass away or go to long term care.

 3. How do I know that my loved one is going to the right place? I don't know what questions to ask.  There are some great nursing home guides available that give you an idea of what to ask and what type of facility your loved one needs. "Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home."

​Alzheimer's Association "Visiting a Nursing Home."​​

4. How can I help make my loved one's stay more comfortable?

 First and foremost, visit and do so often. Residents who reside with us love to see their family and friends.  You can take your loved one with you for dinner or just out for the day. You can accompany them to doctor's visits and go on family outings.

Bring comforts from home. Residents are often attached to certain belongings. Some may have a favorite shirt or blanket. Walnut Acres will label these items to ensure proper care so your loved one can enjoy them.

5. How do I get Power of Attorney documents? Simply click the link for Power of Attorney for Health, Financial, and Living Will. If you need additional assistance you can call Prairie State Legal Services at (800) 892-2985 and they can assist you.

 6.How do I apply for Medicaid? In the State of Illinois, there is more than one way to apply for Medicaid. First, if you or your loved one is already at Walnut Acres, stop down to see Michelle, the Social Worker, and she will assist you with the application.  Otherwise, if you or your loved one is not currently in long term care, you can apply online at the Application for Benefits Eligibility(ABE), print out an application, or pick one up at the DHS Office near you.